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ArbourShield - Mining Operator Cab Safety Glass

Our mining machinery safety glass is specifically developed as the ultimate protection for use in Mining operator cabs, and other heavy machinery. ArbourShield® is a fully certified solution for where protection from impact and falling object risks are required.

Unparalleled strength and unobstructed visibility is delivered through a combination of reinforced laminated glass outer layers and high-grade poly-composite inner core. This protects the operator inside the cab from falling objects and other projectiles.

ArbourShield® mining machinery safety glass has been extensively impact tested and proven to be over 10x stronger and more impact resistant than standard laminated windscreens of the same thickness.

As this is a multi-layered poly-composite glass product offering superior protection, it may initially have slightly more visual haze as result of the protective layers being looked through, when compared to the traditional polycarbonate sheet. However as ArbourShield® has a hardened glass exterior, it does not scratch and deteriorate like traditional polycarbonate products, it remains consistently clear throughout its lifespan.

The amazing new ArbourShield® laminate uses the latest technology to allow maximum stretch and bounce without perforation, thus offering an unmatched strength and performance.

ArbourShield® high impact windscreens have been tested and certified for on road use throughout Australia and New Zealand, certified to AS/NZS 2080:2006 – Safety Glazing for Land Vehicles. Subjected to a series of rigorous tests, ArbourShield® has withstood clarity, distortion, luminous transmittance, ageing, impact, fracture and adhesion quality control tests to show its real value to users.

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ArbourShield® Mining Operator Cab Safety Glass - Features & Benefits

  • Superior Operator Protection:

    Reduced deflection under impact providing greater Operator safety

  • Visibility:

    Greater visibility - no grills, mesh required, improved light transmission

  • Wiper Friendly:

    Scratch resistance – glass exterior surface

  • Glass Types:

    Low-E options available for greater Operator comfort

  • Tried & Tested:

    Tested to withstand clarity, distortion, luminous transmittance, ageing, impact, fracture and adhesion quality control tests

  • Eliminate Static Charge:

    No static charge, lessening dust attraction

  • No Discoloration:

    No glass discoloration or damage from standard cleaning agents

  • Optional Anti-Spall Panel::

    Spall Panel prevents glass fragment spray on Operator side of panel

ArbourShield® Tested & Recommended Installation

In order to comply with OPS Standards, ArbourShield® must be installed into an OPS certified structural frame. Glazing must be done in accordance with our recommended procedures using the correct sealants and should be certified by a CPEng. Ask us for the ArbourShield® Installation Manual: W14.1.29. Glazing with a structural sealant such as Simson MSR C.A SSKF is recommended.

ArbourShield - Recommeded Installation

ArbourShield® Mining Operator Cab Safety Glass - Testing & Certification

Heavy machinery windows (forestry and mining) are manufactured and tested to AS/NZS 2343:1997 Class G0 rated, ISO 11839:2010, ISO 8084:2003, ISO 10262:1998 Level 1 & 2, ISO 8083:2006 level 1 & 2, ISO 3449:2005, SAE J2267 and AS/NZS2080:2006

ISO 8084-2003

ASNZS 2080 2006

ArbourShield® Mining Operator Cab Safety Glass - Technical Performance Data

The table below provides a guide to which thickness may best suit your requirements, or you can contact our product specialists who will help you select the correct product for your application.

ArbourShield - Mining - Performance Data
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