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Curved glass staircase: achievable and affordable thanks to advanced glass processing techniques

Glass can be curved and manipulated to suit a variety of architectural situations – but just how tight a curve can go has often been a limiting factor. However, with the right manufacturer, the options are greater.

This curved glass staircase at the head office of leading Perth-based custom home builder Atrium Homes – is a good example of advanced glass manufacturing delivering a spectacular end result.

The internal panels are bent to a 700mm radius – which no other manufacturer could achieve on 12mm glass, creating a dramatic central axis for this showcase stairwell. Glasshape’s TemperShield toughened glass is perfect for exactly these sorts of projects.

Our depth of experience and manufacturing capabilities helped in other ways too: significant benefits were gained in economies of scale, by supplying 25 panels in just three different radii. This meant three set-up costs were spread across multiple panels, greatly reducing the cost per unit.

Tempered Curved Glass

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