Blast Resistant Glass

BlastShield® is a multi-layered combination of incredibly robust blast resistant glass and poly-composite panels laminated together in varying thicknesses.  The unique design allows the flexibility of the interlayer and the adhesion between layers of laminated glass to continue to resist blast after the glass layers fracture, providing protection from significantly higher blast loads compared to monolithic glass.

BlastShield® thicknesses start at 22mm (7/8″), with state of the art computer aided modelling used to certify the specified composition.

BlastShield® needs to be custom designed as part of a complete system to ensure it performs as required in an explosion event. The blast resistant glass, frames, and anchorage must all be able to survive the blast loading in order for the overall system to provide adequate protection. If any one part of the system fails, then the entire system fails. Similarly, the supporting wall must be able to handle the loads imparted to it by the window system. If the window system has a higher capacity than the supporting wall, when the wall fails the entire window system may be blown into the facility. Glasshape® technical team work with blast engineers on specific project designs to ensure that complete systems will withstand the required blast requirements.

Blast Resistant Glass Features & Benefits

  • Range of protection levels available
  • Negligible distortion to visibility
  • Bespoke dimensions as required
  • Compatible with VisionInk®
  • Tints, Low-E, Low Iron available
  • Up to 60 minutes intruder resistance in addition to blast resistant properties
  • Spall Panel prevents glass fragment spray on non-attack side
  • Individually certified using state-of-the-art blast modelling

NB: Approved framing & anchoring system required

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