Secure Healthcare Glass

Care Shield

CareShield is the safe and reliable secure healthcare glass solution for use in mental health facilities protecting patients from self-harm and providing a safe working environment for staff.

The poly-composite make up removes the possibility of patients harming themselves with glass if a window is broken. Families are assured their loved ones are in a safe zone where self-harm from broken glass is all but eliminated.

CareShield combines with SwitchShield and VisionInk for additional privacy or security with no impact on safety credentials. VisionInk Double Vision can be especially useful by displaying a calming image on the patient side and plain black on the reverse making it easy to observe without being intrusive.

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CareShield Secure Helathcare Glass Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate mesh or grills
  • Vastly improved lighting, clarity and visibility without compromising safety
  • Transform patient areas into calming secure spaces
  • Larger window openings
  • Tested and proven anti-ligature framing
  • Double Glazing compatible
  • Standard dimensions up to 2400mm x 1800mm
  • 2D curves (single radius and single axis)
  • Compatible with SwitchShield and VisionInk
  • Tints, Low-E, Low Iron available
  • 5- 20 Minute attack rating, AS 3555.1 Intruder Level 2,

NB: Rigid aluminium or steel frame with edge cover at least as thick as the panel is required for installation

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