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DuraShield Heat-R - Marine Grade Wire-Free Heated Glass

DuraShield Heat-R® is a superior wire-free heated glass suitable for boat windscreens and windows for ultimate frost and moisture control.

It is a wire-free heating solution for windows susceptible to fogging or freezing over. The technology features a metallic coating between the interlayer and glass that conducts power evenly to gently warm the window with absolutely no obstruction to visibility from wires, making it ideal for pilothouses.

Incorporating DuraShield Heat-R® with DuraShield Marine® and the benefits the high-performance interlayer provides delivers exceptional visibility as well as the ultimate in strength and clarity in extreme (freezing) climates.

DuraShield Heat-R wire-free heated glass windscreens and windows are custom built and manufactured to internationally recognized standards. Heating power can be adjusted to the conditions of the moment as required.

Marine Glass Solutions Brochure

Marine Glass Solutions Brochure

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DuraShield Heat-R® - Marine Grade Wire-Free Heated Glass - Features & Benefits

  • Fog Free:

    Prevention of fogging or freezing

  • No More Blowers:

    Eliminate need for warm-air blowers

  • Superior Laminating:

    Overcomes delamination typically displayed in marine windows

  • Storm Covers Not Required:

    Can be designed to eliminate the need for storm covers

  • Wire-Free:

    No visible wires

  • Adjustable Temperature:

    Heating power is adjusted depending on operating conditions

  • Dimensions:

    Standard dimensions up to 153 1/2″ x 96 1/8″ (3900 x 2440mm) + oversize capabilities

  • Bent Glass Options:

    2D curves

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DuraShield Heat-R® - Wire-Free Heated Glass - Applications


Standard and oversize capabilities allow naval architects to custom design vast windows delivering space and light into a vessel with floor to ceiling windows, both curved and flat. Compatibility with Glasshape’s thermal, and printing offers – all in one window unit – make DuraShield Marine a versatile glass solution for pilothouse, hull, deck and cabin windows.

The advantage of specifying DuraShield Heat-R® wire-free heated glass in your marine windows, gives you the ability to venture into the extreme, without the possibility of losing vision of your surrounding environment, no matter what the conditions are.


Customized shapes and specifications to meet the rigorous demands of these most vulnerable glass elements of a vessel – normally the thickest due to Blue Wave exposure.

DuraShield Heat-R® wire-free heated glass adds another level of safety when navigating waters in extreme conditions, giving you a clear vision of what’s ahead of you.

Port-Lights & Dead-Lights

By definition these small windows between the waterline and first deck are normally oval or circular in shape, and less than 0.16m² (larger than this being Hull Windows). DuraShield Marine dead-light glass is a glass and polycomposite composition laminated together, creating a panel strong enough, that when broken, will remain watertight up to four times the design pressure. This product eliminates the requirements to carry traditional aluminium dead-light plates.

DuraShield Marine Heat-R ®- Wire-Free Heated Glass - Superior Laminating Technology

Specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of exterior marine applications, DuraShield Heat-R® wire-free heated glass is a part of the DuraShield Marine® portfolio is fully certified and is set apart from the competition by its high-performance interlayer. The laminate technology overcomes delamination typically displayed in marine windows and windshields, while delivering exceptional strength and clarity.

Whether monolithic, laminated or multi-laminated, each pane is engineered to meet Client specific requirements. With more than a decade of proven capabilities in the manufacture of marine grade glass to boat yards the world over, DuraShield Marine® has an international reputation for quality, performance, durability and safety, making it perfect for new build and refit projects alike.

DuraShield Heat-R® wire-free heated glass is no exception and uses the same superior laminating technology, making it extremely durable.

DuraShield - Laminating

VisionInk® - Digitally Printed Edge Banding

Digitally Pinted Ceramic Ink

With pinpoint accuracy up to 720dpi and inks, that once tempered (toughened), become a part of the glass itself. VisionInk® represents the cutting edge of glass print technology and provides the most powerful resistance to scratching, UV light & weather deterioration and an easily maintained surface that withstands the test of time.

VisionInk® can replicate any image, design or pattern with brilliant accuracy, vibrant colors and sharp resolution. From simple lines to full color photos, VisionInk allows architects, engineers and designers to explore new possibilities in modern and sustainable design in interior and exterior marine applications.

DuraShield Heat-R® wire-free heated glass is compatible with our VisionInk® ceramic inks, giving it an added advantage.

VisionInk - Marine Glass Printing

DuraShield Marine® - Premium Marine-Grade Glass Projects

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