E-Zone Glass - Cyclone Resistant Glass


E-Zone Cyclone Resistant Glass offers all the protection and peace of mind as StormShield, with the added benefit of moderating Solar Heat Gain.

The pyrolitic process used in the manufacture of E-zone cyclone resistant glass embeds invisible heat-reflective materials into the glass. This allows light to enter, but reflects much of the inbound heat, increasing comfort. Conversely in cool climates we can configure E-zone to maximize heat retention.

Hydrostatic pressure testing has demonstrated that E-zone can provide substantially superior flood resistance when installed in a certified flood resistant frame compared to standard laminates.

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E-Zone Features & Benefits

  • Decreased solar heat gain providing a cooler environment for improved working conditions and comfort levels
  • Retains high levels of visual light transmission
  • Reduce HVAC requirements and subsequent positive impact on systems size requirements
  • ‘Always on’ – no taking temporary covers on and off
  • Superior building aesthetics and unobstructed visibility
  • Larger windows can be designed
  • Withstands extreme pressure >12kPa, wind gusts >500 km/h
  • Expedited recovery post-event
  • Evaluated at the world class James Cook University cyclone testing station with excellent results
  • Standard dimensions up to 3900mm x 2440mm
  • 2D curves (single radius and single axis)
  • AS/NZS 1170.2:2011
  • AS/NZS 1288
  • Certified in wide range of commonly available cyclone rated framing systems including Alspec, Capral, Alutech, AWS and Wintec

NB: Debris Impact Resistant certified framing system required

E-zone Thermal Resistant Storm Glass