Exquisite Stairs & Rails

The wish to create something extraordinary provided the inspiration to produce a floating Circular Staircase to fill the inside tower of the grand entrance to this private residence in Oyster Bay, New York.

Exquisite Stairs was chosen to realize the owners dream and went about digitizing and designing the Staircase and accompanying Curved Balcony, paying special attention to the design of the Stringer and Balcony Channels, with the view of eliminating any fixture details, in order to fulfill the “floating” aspect of the Client’s design brief.

Upon completing the initial installation of the Stringer and Balcony Channels, Exquisite Stairs engaged Glasshape® to carry out a digital site measure, digitizing and 3D CAD Modelling the as-built structure to ensure an accurate fit for the bent glass that Glasshape® would ultimately manufacture and supply.

“There was concern around the Glass fitting as the Channel had very little room for adjustment; however there were no issues at all. The Glass arrived on time and the quality was excellent! Our Customer was extremely pleased with the finished result, and we would happily recommend Glasshape®.”

Allie (Exquisite Stairs & Rails)

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