Galleria - Bent Glass Staircase

The Galleria - A Reimagined Workplace

The recently completed and reimagined Galleria, located in Glendale, Colorado, has transformed the original 2 level Mall and the upper 12 levels of Office space into a vibrant and modern workplace, offering a variety of environments for socializing, relaxing and doing business.

The abundant use of glass in the remodelled main lobby and atrium created light filled shared spaces, which included upgrades to architectural surface finishes, and fixtures. The atrium was further enhanced by the inclusion of a centrally located feature Circular Staircase, which provides pedestrian access between the two levels of the atrium.

Glasshape worked closely with Living Design Studios, who were awarded the contract to design, construct and install the Circular Staircase for the 2-story atrium in the Galleria. Living Design Studios supplied Glasshape with their own 3D CAD and Drawings, which Glasshape translated into production drawings to manufacture the TemperShield® clear, bent, toughened (tempered) & structural laminated 14.28mm (9/16 inch) glass railings for this project. This joint effort and communication between Glasshape’s Production Design Team and Living Design Studios, ensured they would receive exactly what they needed and resulted in a perfect fit to the finished Staircase structure.

Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

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“Working with Derek Spoel was an excellent experience from bid to buildout and every step in between. This was our first experience with Glasshape, and although we were hesitant to work with a glass supplier in New Zealand, the pricing was competitive, and their work seemed to be high quality, so we took a leap of faith and are so glad we did. Unlike the straight glass we ordered from a company in the US, the curved glass arrived ahead of schedule, in perfect condition and produced to our exact dimensions. The elliptical stairs were complex, but our team installed the glass without any issues. I would highly recommend Glasshape no matter where your project is located. They are professional, they stand behind their product, and their pricing is competitive even with international shipping. Derek has followed up with us several times and recently visited our office in Colorado. We are already working with him on an upcoming project“.

Glasshape is once again looking forward to working with Living Design Studios on their next upcoming Bent Glass project.

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Photography: Shoootin

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Videography: Shoootin

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