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As their name implies, Genesis embraces creation and believes that every drive deserves to be a discovery. Redefining the Luxury Automotive Experience, by reimagining and creating a showroom destination for connoisseurs to explore and tailor their finest in automobile products and services, to make a positive difference to their customers’ lives, is central to the Genesis vision and mission.

Located in the heart of Sydney’s central business district in the Pitt Street Mall, the Genesis Studio sets the benchmark in Luxury Automotive Studios in Australia. Designed by SUH Architects of South Korea in collaboration with Stanton Dahl Architects, with construction managed by Graphite, the collective team certainly delivered on their clients brief.

The focal point and some would say the hero of the Genesis Studio is an impressive 2-story circular staircase, which is wrapped in a giant 18.7’ (5.7m) diameter by 36.1’ (11m) high semi-translucent LED display, which plays continuous and dynamic brand aligned imagery and messaging. Seamlessly integrated into the design of the staircase is Glasshape’s signature TemperShield, low iron, bent and tempered (toughened) 9/16″ (15mm) glass, which serves a number of purposes. Providing a transparent protection barrier for the LED display, and protecting people adjacent to, and transitioning up and down the Staircase. The bent glass blends in and compliments the overall high-end design aesthetic employed in the fit-out, whilst meeting all necessary building standard requirements.

Glasshape were honored to work in collaboration with Active Metals, the designers and fabricators of the feature circular staircase, who supplied Glasshape with working drawings as a reference to guide the design and manufacture of our bent and tempered (toughened) low iron glass. Once again, the finished result stands testament to the collective effort and unwavering attention to detail from everyone involved in this luxury defining, benchmark project.

Architects: SUH Architects & Stanton Dahl
Construction Managers: Graphite Projects

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Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

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Photography: Brendan Read

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Videography: Brendan Read

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