Herriman City Hall - Curved Glass Stairs

Herriman City Hall - Twin Curved Glass Stairs

Glasshape® are honoured to have been associated with the construction of 2 grand curved glass staircases at the new Herriman City Hall in Herriman Utah.

Through our partnership with Arc ‘n’ Spark Design, Glasshape became part of Herriman City’s vision to build “a true gathering place for our community” as announced by Mayor Freeman.

The 2 sweeping grand curved glass staircases openly connect various areas of the building together, carefully assembled together by wood, stone and glass. The 12mm (1/2″) TemperShield® bent, toughened (tempered) safety glass was carefully custom made to ensure a perfect sweeping fit, while also delivering a true sense of openness and daylighting into the hall entranceway.

As each piece of glass was constructed from CAD files determined from field measurements ahead of time, this allowed production of glass to commence while the staircase was still being erected onsite – saving the GC any downtime waiting for his custom curved glass.

Our client had the following to say about his association with Glasshape on this project.

Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

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Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

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“As far as the project outcome, it was fairly smooth. The biggest complication was getting the glass here in a timely manner and I truly appreciate the fact Glasshape did what they could to expedite the glass as quickly as possible to meet the lead times that were quoted to me. The product was flawless.”

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Photography: Glasshape

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