Our Industries – Overview

Glasshape® offer a comprehensive portfolio of fully certified internal and external specialist architectural glass for a wide range of applications.  This range includes toughened (tempered) glass, safety and security laminates (including cyclonic, flood, ballistic, attack and impact resistant) and digitally printed ceramic ink solutions.  Many of these can be combined and supplied on simple or complex curves, as well as flat panes.

We are proud to offer a toughened (tempered) AND laminated solution that can also be curved to your specifications.

Our digital site measure service utilizes the latest scanning hardware to produce electronic templates with unmatched accuracy, doing away with the need for the cumbersome and time consuming measure, production, transportation and storage of physical templates.


Architectural Tempered (Toughened) Glass Solutions

Glasshape® manufacture a comprehensive portfolio of certified specialty architectural glass in both flat panes, and our signature curves. TemperShield® is a premium versatile glass product  ideally suited for both internal and external applications in commercial or residential settings. We process our glass in-house including production of laminated, thermal resistant, and decorated glass solutions – all backed by a company with more than 30 years international experience.

Marine Glass Solutions

Maximise space and light, reduce weight and avoid delamination with a versatile range of marine glass

Glasshape® offer a comprehensive portfolio of certified marine grade glass for a wide range of applications. The range includes laminated or monolithic marine glass for external use, tempered (toughened) glass for interior and exterior applications, security laminates, digitally printed ceramic ink and other decorative glass solutions. These can all be supplied as flat, and many can include simple or complex curves.

Riviera R5400

Security Glass Solutions

Maximize space and light without compromise to safety and security

Glasshape® provides glass solutions specifically designed to protect people and property in commercial, retail, residential, marine, healthcare and detention contexts.

Our large range of security glass products can provide a solution to cover all threat levels from break-in and theft to bullet resistant and blast resistant glass solutions.

Glasshape® can develop a custom glass solution to meet your particular requirements whether it is intruder, bullet, blast resistance, or a combination of these; or even low level smash’n’grabs that you want to protect against.

Storm Glass Solutions

Cyclone rated glass provides protection for buildings, contents and people from earth’s most destructive weather

Protecting your family, staff and property during cyclones, hurricanes and severe storm conditions means resisting excessive wind speeds and penetration from flying debris. In the event the cyclone rated glass is damaged by flying storm debris, windows need to remain weather tight without a breach or the buildings structural integrity could be compromised.


Transport & Heavy Machinery Window Solutions

Glasshape® began thirty years ago with a focus on curved windscreens for buses and ambulances. Our substantial experience in this sector led to expansion into other industries with our toughened and laminated curved glass offering. Glasshape® remain at the forefront of innovating glass solutions for transportation, with particular emphasis on rail and heavy machinery where the demands on the glass are especially rigorous.