Marine Glass Projects

Marine Glass Projects

Glasshape® has for 30 years been at the forefront of innovation in performance specialty glass, utilising that depth of experience to pioneer superior laminating technology for curved marine glass.

DuraShield® Marine has been specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of a marine environment. Both monolithic and laminated glass products are available in the range, and both are certified marine grade glass, which of course we can curve.

Setting us well apart from the competition though is the high-performance interlayer used on our laminated products. The technology we use overcomes delamination that is typically displayed in marine windows and windshields, while delivering great strength and clarity. This, combined with thermal resistant and decorated options means Glasshape® has one of the most comprehensive flat and curved marine glass product portfolios available.

We are continually adding more inspirational case studies to our library, and would be happy to discuss in more detail any that are showcased here. Contact us to see how we can help.

Marine Bent Glass - Case Studies

Built to Explore the World

Big Fish was built to go to parts of the world no other yachts dare to venture.

Expedition Vessel Glass

Big Fish by McMullen & Wing

Largest Superyacht Windows

Khalilah boasts a distinctive futuristic design with the largest windows installed on a superyacht in North America.

Largest Windows in Nth America

Khalilah by Palmer Johnson

Luxury Production Yacht

The name Riviera is synonymous around the world with quality, luxury, style, innovation, and a built-to-last philosophy.

Production Yacht Glass

Riviera 5400SY

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