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Glazing with confidence - take the worry out of installing glass

As part of the Glasshape experience, you can now enjoy the assurance of worry free glazing by asking for NsureGlaze to be added to you project. It’s simple, it works. For a small charge, you get huge value and guaranteed margin.

NsureGlaze offers you full replacement of glass supplied by Glasshape should you damage or break it during installation. This means you no longer have to over-inflate your margin to cover your risk when glazing a high value product such as curved glass. If you inadvertently damage or break the glass, Glasshape will resupply the glass to point of original supply at no cost to you.

NsureGlaze puts the onus on Glasshape. NsureGlaze means you can glaze with confidence that your profit is not at risk. It also means you can price projects with a more competitive margin to help you win projects rather than loose them due to excessive margins to cover your perceived risk in glazing.

NsureGlaze is an optional term offered as part of a glass supply contract from Glasshape and is not an Independent Insurance Cover. NsureGlaze does not replace your public liability or other insurance covers. NsureGlaze does however offer you peace of mind and security of your profit.

Ask for NsureGlaze to be added to your project where you can enjoy the unique benefits it offers.

*Please Note: This product is subject to Terms & Conditions.

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Nsure Glaze – Terms & Conditons

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