On-site Digital Measure and CAD for Glass Railings (Balustrades), Staircases & other glass applications

Bent glass balustrades perfectly measured with digital precision

Bent glass balustrades and other specialty glass is no longer hampered by the need to measure, manufacture, transport and store cumbersome and time consuming physical templates. With Glasshape® on-site digital measurement service, our specialist technicians visit your site, with state-of-the-art scanning hardware to produce electronic templates with unparalleled accuracy. This is then turned into 3D renders for review and approval saving significant time and expense. Furthermore, electronic files are easily stored and retrieved should replacement panels ever be required in the future.

3D Laser Scanning & Digitising: We can use your measurements, or come to site and generate them from existing structures whether architectural or marine, glass balustrades, windows, doors or even unrelated to glass components.

Mesh Creation: Specialised CAD Software translates the data into a ‘mesh’, providing an accurate representation of the project.

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3D Computer Modelling: 3D CAD models are generated from the mesh geometry to ensure a perfect fit to framework. We are happy to take your existing 2D CAD files to turn them into 3D models, should you require them.

Engineering Drawings: Engineering drawings for production and quality control are subsequently generated and approved by the client.

Computer Rendering: Should you require, we are able to produce photorealistic ‘renders’ of a finished project in-situ to help visualise the end result for you or your clients.

Example 3D Computer Models

Private Residence

Intercontinental Hotel

Rutgers University

Aegis Living

Viewing Instructions:
Click on an image above and use the following to view and navigate the 3D Model:
Zoom = Roll your Middle Mouse Scroll Wheel to move In & Out
Rotate = Hold down your Left Mouse Button to rotate Left, Right, Up & Down