From Field Measure To Finished Product

Pegasus Lane - Perfect Fit And Finish

Step into the grandeur of this lakeside mansion in Texas and discover Glasshapes innovative process, where cutting-edge digital field measurements and design expertise come together to craft bespoke TemperShield curved glass, precision-fit for not one, but two breathtaking curved staircases – a true marvel!

The larger circular staircase is located adjacent to the main foyer to this prestigious home and connects to the second level which has adjoining curved glass railing, overlooking the voluminous living spaces with 24’-6” (7.5m) high studs, crowned off by a third level dome light-well which when combined has a total stud height of 38’ (11.6m). The staircase and overlook railing is made of Glasshape’s signature TemperShield , clear, bent and tempered (toughened) 1/2″ (12mm) glass, which compliments the clean and curvaceous design aesthetic of the houses interior.

Glasshape were once again honored to work in collaboration with Houston Stair Company , a long time Client of Glasshape, who were the structural designers, fabricators and installers of the main feature curved staircase in combination with the smaller spiral staircase. Both staircases feature our signature TemperShield , clear, bent, and tempered (toughened) glass, albeit the spiral staircase has a much tighter bend radii of approximately 31.5″ (800mm). The smaller spiral staircase connects levels 2 and 3 of the house, providing access to an entertaining space complete with a bar and gallery as well as an outside covered viewing terrace overlooking the lake, which this magnificent property backs onto.

Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

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Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

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Photography: Shoootin

Houston Stair Company engaged Glasshapes Digital Field Measuring and Design services, to ensure a trouble free process of delivering and installing an extremely high quality finished product. Thanks to the co-operation of the Home-Owner, the Builder and Houston Stair Company, the process of digital field measure and design has been captured and documented in a video, which you can watch below.

Once again, the finished result clearly illustrates the combined effort and attention to detail from everyone involved in this impressive and beautifully executed project.

Architect: Patrick Berrios Designs
Builder: Melrose Custom Homes

Watch the “From Field Measure to Finished Product” Video

Video: Glasshape | Houston Stair Company

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