Power Glass - LED Technology

Introducing a new dimension to glass and lighting technology, architects and designers can specify architectural glass embedded with bright, colourful LED lighting, for aesthetic or functional visibility.

PowerGlass delivers lighting that is both practical and visually stunning with applications internally (windows, walls, handrails, walkways, stairwells, etc.) and externally (facades, skylites, advertising). The configuration and colour choices of the LEDs is vast and the technology behind the product is as striking as the product itself. LEDs are embedded into a completely transparent conductive interlayer sandwiched between two layers of glass. A low voltage power and LED operation signal pass through it the interlayer providing the safe, lighting effect.

PowerGlass is fully customisable to meet your specifications. We use two different technologies depending on your needs.

PowerGlassPowerGlass Plus
LED ColoursRed, Green, Blue, White, YellowRed, Green, Blue, White, Warm White
LED PlacementSome restrictions*Virtually Unlimited
ProgrammableSemi-Programmable flashing & scrollingUnlimited programming – behaves similar to an LED screen
CurvesYESNo, flat only
Max Size1900mm x 3750mm1200mm x 3200mm

 *the flexible interlayer that allows for curving has some limitations

Features & Benefits

  • Brilliant displays during daylight and at night
  • Standard dimensions up to
    • 1900mm x 3750mm (PowerGlass)
    • 1200mm x 3200mm (PowerGlass Plus)
  • 10 year glass warranty, 12 month electronics warranty
  • Perfectly suited to compliment VisionInk designs

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Power Glass

power glass