Beautiful Designer Circular Staircase

Nestled in a prestigious gated community in Houston, Texas, this beautifully designed, grand circular staircase is now the focal point of the home and very much the pride and joy of its owners.

The client, being the craftsmen behind this spectacular staircase, engaged Glasshape® to produce and supply the 12mm (1/2”) Bent Low-Iron glass to complement their architectural masterpiece.

Since our Architectural Bent Glass, in most situations, forms part of a larger installation, we seldom have the pleasure of meeting with and talking to the end client. However, the opportunity to do so was granted and graciously accepted. In talking to the owners, it was apparent that the expectation of “quality” was clearly articulated from the outset of this project and that what the client and Glasshape®, ultimately delivered met that requirement. Needless to say, the owners are delighted with the end result.

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