StormShield Cyclone Glass Solutions

The thinnest, lightest & strongest cyclone rated glass in most common framing systems.

Specifically developed to resist excessive wind speeds and penetration from flying debris, StormShield® cyclone glass is a certified debris impact resistant glazing solution available in multiple thicknesses for different openings throughout cyclone regions C and D in Australia and the Pacific.

Glasshape has recently improved its StormShield product range and we are now offering combined product solutions for both Region C&D, StormShield Ultra & StormShield Extreme. These two new product variants provide multifaceted enhancements to combat the conditions experienced in both regions, StormShield Ultra for impact resistance up to 39m/s & StormShield Extreme for impacts up to 44m/s. StormShield products are the only available annealed laminated product solution for Cyclone Resistance that can be cut and processed from stock sheets and available from our local stockists.

StormShield uses a specially formulated ultrahigh grade laminate in the manufacturing process, engineered for the glass to expand and contract up to five times its normal rate before breaking, providing maximum protection from wind born debris. The proprietary process allows us to manufacture glass that has better performance ratings from lighter, thinner compositions versus our competitors.

In the event the cyclone glass is damaged by flying storm debris, StormShield remains weather-tight without tearing or breaching, and the glass,  though shattered, will remain adhered to the laminate eliminating the hazard of glass shards flying through the room.

While most cyclone-rated glazing is available in only a single standard thickness, StormShield comes in multiple thicknesses each for region C and region D, meaning larger window spans can be designed to take advantage of light and open space than what would have otherwise been possible.

StormShield Features & Benefits

  • ‘Always on’ – no taking temporary covers on and off
  • Improved aesthetics and unobstructed visibility
  • Larger windows can be designed
  • Withstands extreme pressure >12kPa, wind gusts >500 km/h
  • Expedited recovery post-event
  • Evaluated at the world class James Cook University cyclone testing station with excellent results
  • Standard dimensions up to 3900mm x 2440mm
  • 2D curves (single radius and single axis)
  • AS/NZS 1170.2:2011
  • AS/NZS 1288
  • Certified in wide range of commonly available cyclone rated framing systems including Alspec, Capral, Alutech, AWS and Wintec

NB: Debris Impact Resistant certified framing system required

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Storm Glass Brochure

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StormShield® Technical Information

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StormShield® – Authorised Distributors

The following Companies are Authorised Distributors of StormShield in Australia and the Pacific Islands


NW Western Australia Distributor

25 Bradford Street
WA 6530

Ph: +61 8 9920 9500


Aluglass Australia Pty Ltd

Northern Territory Australia Distributer

15 Campion Road
East Arm
NT 0828

Ph: +61 8 8944 5700


Island Glass & Mirror Ltd

Pacific Islands Distributor

18 Tofua Street
Walu Bay

Ph: +67 9 330 2033


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