E-zone Cyclone Resistant Glass

E-zone® Cyclone Resistant Glass offers all the protection and peace of mind as StormShield®, with the added benefit of moderating Solar Heat Gain.

The pyrolitic process used in the manufacture of E-zone cyclone resistant glass embeds invisible heat-reflective materials into the glass. This allows light to enter, but reflects much of the inbound heat, increasing comfort. Conversely in cool climates we can configure E-zone to maximize heat retention.

Hydrostatic pressure testing has demonstrated that E-zone can provide substantially superior flood resistance when installed in a certified flood resistant frame compared to standard laminates.

Glasshape has recently improved its E-zone Glass product range and we are now offering combined product solutions for both Region C&D, E-zone Glass Ultra & E-zone Glass Extreme. These two new product variants provide multifaceted enhancements to combat the conditions experienced in both regions, E-zone Glass Ultra for impact resistance up to 39m/s & E-zone Glass Extreme for impacts up to 44m/s. E-zone Glass products are the only available annealed laminated product solution for Cyclone Resistance that can be cut and processed from stock sheets and available from our local stockists.

E-zone Glass Features & Benefits

  • Decreased solar heat gain provides a cooler environment for improved working conditions and comfort
  • Retains high levels of visual light transmission
  • Reduce HVAC requirements and subsequent positive impact on systems size requirements
  • ‘Always on’ – no taking temporary covers on and off
  • Superior building aesthetics and unobstructed visibility
  • Larger windows can be designed
  • Withstands extreme pressure >12kPa, wind gusts >500 km/h
  • Expedited recovery post-event
  • Evaluated at the world class James Cook University cyclone testing station with excellent results
  • Standard dimensions up to 3900mm x 2440mm
  • 2D curves (single radius and single axis)
  • AS/NZS 1170.2:2011
  • AS/NZS 1288
  • Certified in wide range of commonly available cyclone rated framing systems including Alspec, Capral, Alutech, AWS and Wintec

NB: Debris Impact Resistant certified framing system required

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Storm Glass Brochure

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E-Zone Glass® Technical Information

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E-zone Glass® – Authorised Distributors

The following Companies are Authorised Distributors of E-zone Glass in Australia and the Pacific Islands


NW Western Australia Distributor

25 Bradford Street
WA 6530

Ph: +61 8 9920 9500

Web: www.glasscowa.com.au

Aluglass Australia Pty Ltd

Northern Territory Australia Distributer

15 Campion Road
East Arm
NT 0828

Ph: +61 8 8944 5700

Web: www.aluglass-aus.com.au

Island Glass & Mirror Ltd

Pacific Islands Distributor

18 Tofua Street
Walu Bay

Ph: +67 9 330 2033

Web: www.islandglass.com.fj

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