GlareShield Anti-Reflective Glass

GlareShield® is an anti-reflective double side coated glass that provides improved visual transmission, picture clarity and reduced glare with its very low residual reflection. Traditional glass reflects 8-12% of the incident light. GlareShield, however, reflects as little as 0.5% of the incident light, allowing up to 99.5% of light to pass through without unwanted reflections or mirror-like effects. It is thus used in structures where low glare is a requirement and crystal-clear quality of glass is key, as in larger west facing facades, retail displays, stadiums, and viewing galleries.

GlareShield provides a new dimension for glass as it is seemingly invisible with almost no reflectance or colour distortions in transmission. Produced with a durable multi-layered optical thin coating with Magnetron Sputtering Technology which performs like hard coating, it can be tempered, laminated, double-glazed or ceramic printed using VisionInk®. GlareShield is available on regular float, extra clear and tinted green and grey float glass.

GlareShield Features & Benefits


GlareShield is produced by Magnetron Sputtering Technology which creates a superior hard coating finish. The multilayered coating of metal oxide does not corrode, is hard-wearing and durable. In terms of abrasion resistance, GlareShield is comparable to regular clear float glass.

High VLT

GlareShield improves transparency and increases light transmission with its high degree of clarity and non-reflective surface.

Optical Clarity

GlareShield reduces glare, mirror-like effects and reflections to a minimum. With a reflection of less than 0.5%, the non-reflective properties are optimised for direct viewing of the glass, making it almost invisible.

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GlareShield® Technical Information

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