Transport and Heavy Machinery Glass

Glasshape® offers a range of high-grade transportation and heavy machinery glass solutions fit for projects where the conditions are especially rigorous.

Our safety glass products provide maximum operator cab protection, making them the perfect fit for anyone who operates heavy equipment, like earthmoving trucks, excavators and other forestry or mining machinery.

Our Product Offerings

ArbourShield - Forestry

Machinery Glass

Our heavy machinery glass selection includes ArbourShield®, a protection and safety glass that is specifically designed for forestry machinery, mining vehicles and other heavy equipment. It uses a combination of reinforced laminated glass outer layers and high-grade poly-composite inner core to provide unparalleled strength and visibility.

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DuraShield Automotive

Automotive Glass for Security Vehicles

Bespoke specialty automotive glass – armoured glass solutions for specialty vehicles

DuraShield® automotive glass can be specified with attack, bullet or blast resistant  or other armour requirements and be manufactured to a wide range of thicknesses, in a variety of shapes for armoured vehicles.

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Train and Carriage Glass

RailShield® is Glasshape’s premium locomotive glass product. It’s designed to withstand the harsh rigors of rail transport and is certified across heavy, light and commuter sectors to meet all rail industry standards.

Perfect for use in trains and as carriage glass, it contains a unique composition of glass and polycomposite layers to provide a solution that delivers on both safety and comfort.

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