Marine Glass Products and Solutions

Marine glass is specifically designed for vessels that are subject to the harsh conditions of the marine environment. Glasshape offers a comprehensive portfolio of glass options that can be customized using our glass-bending technology for a wide range of applications — including boat windshields, sliding windows and portlights.

Our portfolio includes laminated glasses, tempered glass and digital ceramic ink decorative solutions. Each of our applicable products is marine-certified, backed by the appropriate warranties and validated by international accreditation with proven performance in builds across the world.

Our products are compatible with a wide selection of our other products, including thermal glazing, digital ceramic ink and safety glass applications, giving you unmatched flexibility for a truly custom glass solution. Contact one of our customer service representatives today to start designing your product.

Interior Applications

  • Doors
  • Railing
  • Glass floors
  • Spiral staircase balustrades
  • Lift shafts
  • Decorative screens
  • Secure/panic rooms

Exterior Applications

  • Windows
  • Windscreens
  • Portholes
  • Dead-lites
  • Windbreaks
  • Railings

Our Product Offerings

DuraShield Marine

Marine Glass

DuraShield Marine® is a state of the art, marine-grade product that uses laminated glass technology to provide protection and durability against the most demanding conditions. It’s designed with a polycomposite composition laminate, creating a glass panel strong enough to remain watertight up to four times the design pressure if the glass breaks.

Delamination is a common problem for marine glass, caused by overexposure to water and chemicals present in this application and environment. The laminate technology used in DuraShield Marine® stands out from the competition by overcoming delamination while still delivering exceptional strength and clarity.

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DuraShield Heated Glass

DuraShield Heat-R® is our premium curved glass for windows that are susceptible to fogging or freezing. Combined with DuraShield Marine, its high-performance interlayer provides maximum strength and visibility. Used for boat windscreens and windows, it’s custom built and manufactured to internationally recognised standards.


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TemperShield Marine

Bent & Flat Tempered Glass

TemperShield® is a versatile premium glass product providing high-grade solutions with a range of marine applications. It is compatible with security, thermal and decorative glazing, making it a highly customisable product that can fit a range of different projects.


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VisionInk Marine

Digital Ceramic Glass Printing

Our VisionInk® digital ceramic ink printer is the most advanced and versatile glass-printing machine available. It has a wide range of applications for marine vessels, including black-out for boat windows and portlights, small insignia, splash-back, nameplates and internal fit-outs.

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Ezone Marine

Thermal Resistant Marine Glass

Ezone Marine® is an advanced glazing solution that provides protection from solar heat gain in superyachts and other large marine vessels that are constantly exposed to the sun. Ezone’s® pyrolytic process allows light to enter the vessel while reflecting inbound heat, which can contribute to energy savings. Ezone® can be configured in a way to retain heat in cooler winter months as well.

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