DuraShield Heat-R Glass

DuraShield Heat-R® is a superior curved glass boat windscreen and window product that provides wire-free heat for ultimate frost and moisture control.

It is a wire-free glazing solution for windows susceptible to fogging or freezing over. The technology features a metallic coating between the interlayer and glass that conducts power evenly to gently warm the window with absolutely no obstruction to visibility from wires, making it ideal for pilothouses.

Incorporating DuraShield Heat-R with DuraShield Marine® and the benefits the high-performance interlayer provides delivers exceptional visibility as well as the ultimate in strength and clarity in extreme (freezing) climates.

DuraShield Heat-R bent glass boat windscreen and windows are custom built and manufactured to internationally recognised standards. Heating power can be adjusted to the conditions of the moment as required.

DuraShield Heat-R Features & Benefits

  • Prevention of fogging or freezing
  • No visible wires
  • Eliminate need for warm-air blowers
  • Heating power is adjusted depending on operating conditions
  • Can be designed to eliminate the need for storm covers
  • Standard dimensions up to 3900mm x 2440mm + oversize capabilities
  • 2D curves
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