DuraShield Marine Glass Solutions

DuraShield Marine® is a premium marine-grade glass with superior laminating technology for the most demanding and discerning customers.

DuraShield Marine Features & Benefits

  • Overcomes delamination typically displayed in marine windows
  • Versatile – applications for all marine glazing scenarios
  • Compatible with security, thermal and decorative solutions in one complete unit
  • Retains clarity and high levels of light transmission
  • Eliminate the need for storm covers
  • DuraShield Marine has been endorsed on builds classed to Lloyds Register, DNV-GL, ABS, RINA, BV, and many world-renowned Flag States.
  • Tinted, low-iron & non-reflective glass types available
  • Standard dimensions up to 153 1/2″ x 96 1/8″ (3900 x 2440mm) + oversize capabilities
  • 2D and 3D curves
  • Certifications and compliance possible to IACS, ISO 21005:2012, ISO614:2012, MCA LY2, LY3, BSMA25 and Class Requirements
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DuraShield Marine Grade Glass

DuraShield Marine


Standard and oversize capabilities allow naval architects to custom design vast windows delivering space and light into a vessel with floor to ceiling windows, both curved and flat. Compatibility with Glasshape’s thermal, security and printing offers – all in one window unit – make DuraShield Marine a versatile glass solution for pilothouse, hull, deck and cabin windows.

DuraShield Marine


Customized shapes and specifications to meet the rigorous demands of these most vulnerable glass elements of a vessel – normally the thickest due to Blue Wave exposure.

DuraShield Marine

Port Lights & Dead-Lights

By definition these small windows between the waterline and first deck are normally oval or circular in shape, and less than 0.16m² (larger than this being Hull Windows). DuraShield Marine dead-light glass is a glass and polycomposite composition laminated together, creating a panel strong enough, that when broken, will remain watertight up to four times the design pressure. This product eliminates the requirements to carry traditional aluminium dead-light plates.

DuraShield Marine


Railings, balustrading and doors that can be found around open flybridges, forward or aft facing. They are generally accepted as an exterior application to reduce wind exposure. Available as custom curves or flat.

DuraShield Marine

Secure & Panic Rooms

In today’s world where terrorist and piracy is of growing concern, many yacht owners consider incorporating a secure area in the yacht to store treasured personal items, even an area passengers and crew can retreat to when under threat. Glasshape offers a range of security glass products, including one way glass, bullet resistant, attack resistant and even blast resistant glass.

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