Security and Attack-Resistant Glass


The glass you use in your home, store or office should be equipped with the proper features to help repel an intrusion. Even in manual attacks where non-ballistic, blunt objects are used, your property could be seriously damaged and the safety of those inside put at risk without the right glass in place.

Glasshape designs and manufactures a range of top-quality security and attack-resistant glass solutions that provide better protection than standard glass products.

What is security glass?

Security glass is specially designed to withstand security breaches caused by attackers. Different products are better suited to handle certain styles of attacks, whether they are committed to using ordinary hand tools, guns or even explosives.

Attack-resistant glass uses highly fortified material to prevent an intruder from easily breaking through while protecting those on the inside. The materials used in these glass products are fully transparent so they don’t compromise functionality or aesthetics.


BanditShield is a laminated attack-resistant glass that is designed to protect against small-scale intruders using common hand tools like hammers, pliers, axes, bricks and screwdrivers. Because it’s a high-grade laminated security screen, it’s difficult and time-consuming to break, repelling attackers for up to 60 seconds. For manual attacks such as these, that timeframe is often long enough to thwart the attempt.

Unlike standard laminated glass, the glass laminate in BanditShield ensures that even if the glass itself is broken, it won’t fall away from the panel, preventing dangerous shards from flying inside the room and harming anyone in the near vicinity.

Despite its safety features, BanditShield doesn’t lose any of its aesthetically pleasing appearance. The surface is easy to clean and maintain, and it’s highly resistant to scratching and marking.

BanditShield is most commonly found in jewelry stores, airport security areas, high-end luxury homes, liquor stores, pharmacies and other relatively low-security areas that aren’t usually subject to major attacks and only need to repel intruders for a short period of time before they give up.

BanditShield Ultra

BanditShield Ultra shares the same basic features as BanditShield, but they are slightly more enhanced. BanditShield Ultra glass products tend to be heavier and thicker, which means they can provide protection for longer — up to 120 seconds in some cases.

To ensure you get the right level of protection, talk to our team of experts to determine what the best solution is for your circumstances.

  • Standard dimensions up to
    • 3660mm (144″) x 2440mm (96″) (BanditShield)
    • 3300mm (130″) x 1500mm (59″) (BanditShieldUltra)
  • 2D curves (single radius and single axis)
  • Compatible with VisionInk
  • Tinted security screen glass available
  • 1-2 minute attack rating
  • Requires a rigid aluminium or steel frame with at least 15mm edge cover (std) and 20mm edge cover (ultra)
  • IACS, AS 3555.1 Intruder Level 1

Our Services

We do more than just manufacture glass — we’ll work with you to help design a product that’s perfect for you. Our solutions are easily customisable so you can modify the glass thickness, shape, size and other characteristics to fit your project’s unique specifications.

Contact us today to get in touch with our team of experts to begin designing and creating your product.

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