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Safety is a top concern in most homes, buildings and offices, but some locations are especially susceptible to risk and require additional levels of protection. Ballistic glass products are specifically designed to provide extra security for buildings that are vulnerable to attacks from intruders using handguns.

Glasshape designs and manufactures a range of top-quality security glass solutions that provide better protection than standard glass products.

Ballistic glass solutions

Bulletproof glass is typically made from a variety of materials to maximise its durability. Most types of bulletproof glass are made with polycarbonate and acrylic plastics. These are two of the most popular materials used in security glass production. The addition of glass reinforces the plastic, providing a combination of resilience and clarity, ensuring that you don’t sacrifice functionality for safety.

Bullet-resistant glass differs from standard tempered glass in both design and applicability. Tempered glass is toughened using a heating and cooling process that makes it stronger than other standard varieties, but still far weaker than bulletproof glass. Tempered glass is also more commonly used in low-risk projects like cabinets, glass staircases and storefronts, as opposed to the high-security applications ballistic glass is used for.

It’s important to know that you’ll need to install a purpose-built bulletproof framing system to support your security glass. Our team of experts can help make sure you have the right design in place to ensure you get the most from your ballistic glass.


AmmoShield is our premier ballistic glass product. It’s a polycomposite laminated glass designed to withstand impacts from high-velocity projectiles. In addition to the specified protection from ballistics, AmmoShield provides up to 60 minutes resistance under sustained attack from an intruder with simple hand weapons, giving emergency personnel enough time to arrive and repel the attack.

Most AmmoShield bullet-resistant products are comprised of multi-laminated glass with a poly-composite spall panel on the non-attack side to stop glass fragments from being thrown from the back of the panel in the event of attack. We have also designed all-glass AmmoShield make-ups with an anti-spall film on the non-attack face for situations such as oversize windows or in areas with hot, humid environments where the poly-composite option may not be suitable

AmmoShield is easily customisable and can be modified to fit your specifications. You can adjust its thickness depending on the threat level, and it can be curved and resized to meet your project’s requirements.

Features and benefits

  • Wide range of bullet-resistant protection levels available
  • Lightweight vs. glass-only products of similar thickness and attack resistance
  • Standard dimensions up to 2400mm (94″) x 1800mm (71″)
  • 2D curves (single radius and single axis)
  • Compatible with VisionInk
  • Tinted glass available
  • Up to 60 minutes of intruder resistance
  • Spall Panel prevents glass fragment spray on non-attack side
  • IACS, AS 3555.1 Intruder Level 2, AS/NZS 2343 ballistic levels G0, G1, G2, R1, R2, and NIJ0108.01 Level 3


Ballistic glass is perfect for buildings that are either situated in areas where the risk of attacks from firearms is high, or that are likely to be targets in high-velocity ballistic attacks. This includes official buildings like embassies and courthouses, as well as banks, armoured vehicles, VIP housing and panic rooms.

Glasshape offers a range of customisable products, and our team of experts is trained to work with you to find the right solutions for your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about finding the right glass for your project.

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