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RailShield - Locomotive and Carriage Safety Glass

RailShield® locomotive and carriage safety glass is designed to withstand the harsh rigors of rail transport and is certified to rail industry standards across heavy, light and commuter rail sectors.

A unique composition of glass and polycomposite layers provide a glass solution that delivers on both safety standards and comfort levels for operators, drivers and passengers. Superior laminating technology minimizes weight with subsequent savings in energy and maintenance requirements.

RailShield® uses a combination of glass and high grade impact resistant interlayers to offer superior clarity and strength. RailShield® has a laminated glass exterior, which allows the use of wipers without scratching, allowing clearer visibility in all conditions. RailShield® can be cleaned with standard cleaning agents on the exterior without becoming discolored or damaged.

Our Product besides delivering operator and passenger safety can also be configured to improve on operator and passenger comfort. We achieve this by offering both tint and low emissivity coatings to our glass composites. Our products also meet a variety of local and international standards and are independently tested and certified.

RailShield - Locomotive and Carriage Glass Brochure

Locomotive & Carriage Window Solutions Brochure

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Locomotive & Carriage Window Solutions Brochure

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RailShield® Features & Benefits

  • Standard and Heated Windscreens

  • 2D & 3D Curved Windscreens & Windows

  • Wiper friendly clear vision

  • Laminated compositions

  • Anti-spall technology

  • Double glazing, tempered or not

  • Single glazing, tempered

  • Laminated compositions

  • Lightweight compositions

  • Anti-Graffiti technology

RailShield® Testing & Certification

Glasshape® has the technology and accreditation to supply glass for curved front windscreens or flat side windows, compliant to BRB 566, FRA 1 & 2 and GM/RT 2456. With our extensive global export experience we are able to supply locomotive glass to customers the world over.

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