Riviera Experience Center

How do you convey the feeling of owning a luxury motor yacht without getting people out on the water? Answering this question and trying to give prospective buyers a “complete Riviera experience” required this luxury Yacht builder to think outside the box.

Riviera based on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia is renowned for embracing innovations that make the boating lifestyle so much easier and vastly more enjoyable. Something they wanted to convey to prospective buyers as well and with this desire the idea of an experience centre was born. The intent was to create an environment that closely modelled a real luxury yacht in the experience centre, one that had all the bells and highlighted Riviera’s constantly evolving luxury motor yacht collection.

The ability to make this a reality was made easier by having access to Glasshapes VisionInk®. This process allowed the photo-realistic image of the boat to be printed onto glass, giving the perception to prospective buyers that they were stepping onto a real motor yacht and creating: ‘the ultimate boating experience’.

Product used in this project.

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