Sonata - Bent Glass Masterpiece

Sonata Apartments - A Bent Glass Masterpiece

Situated on a steep narrow site, the Sonata Apartments offer stunning views of the prestigious St. Heliers Bay, Rangitoto Island, and the Hauraki Gulf. The architects, The Buchan Group, maximized the location by utilizing full height curved double glazed low-e windows, ensuring both thermal performance and a captivating design. The exterior balconies seamlessly flow with the curvature of the building, featuring frameless structural glass railings that eliminate the need for an interlinking handrail, allowing uninterrupted views. The result is an absolute masterpiece with bent glass.

Glasshape collaborated with Metro Performance Glass and NZ Windows to deliver the full height double glazed curved glass façade windows. In addition, Innovative Glass provided the frameless TemperShield® bent, toughened (tempered), and structural laminated 13.5mm (17/32 inch) Sentryglas railings. Glasshape’s involvement began early in the project, working closely with the developer, architect, builder, and glazing partners to ensure that all expectations were not only met but exceeded.

Following the installation of the window frames and the completion of the balconies, Glasshape conducted digital site measurements and designed each individual glass piece accordingly, ensuring a perfect fit and the delivery of excellence in bent glass.

Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

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“The glass looks epic, you've done a great job“.

The Sonata Apartments is a perfect example of an architectural design a little different from the norm, yet extremely effective in addressing the challenges of a demanding site and prominent project. With our custom manufacturing capabilities, the team at Glasshape are set up to help deliver these kinds of projects and are willing to assist right from the design stage through to delivery.

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Photography: The Incredible Group

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Videography: The Incredible Group

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