StairCrafters Inc. – SCCC Free Standing Circular Staircase

Suffolk County Community College (SCCC), recently opened its new $30 million, 75,000 square foot Learning Resource Center (LRC) and library on the Michael J. Grant Campus in Brentwood, Long Island, New York.

The Learning Resource Center boasts a 95 seat lecture hall, computer classrooms, writing & reading centers, glass enclosed group study rooms, tutoring and testing rooms, plus many more facilities including photo / video labs and offices for staff.

The 2 level building has been built to the highest standards, “That will serve as a powerful symbol of the value that the College and its students bring to the vitality of our shared community,” said Suffolk County Community College President Dr. Shaun L. McKay.

The Glass used on the staircase was 3/4” Tempered Laminated, spiraling up to the overlook balcony, where 9/16” Tempered Laminated Glass was used, incorporating a ceramic printed Privacy strip between the lamination.

The sweeping stone and glass staircase was built by StairCrafters Inc, based in Easley, South Carolina and serves as a central access and focal point within the building.

The assistance received by Andrew Forrest of Glasshape was exceptional” says Matthew Millard (StairCrafters Inc.) CAD Design/Project Manager. “The quality of their product along with communication and production time, makes for a smooth worry free experience.”

Glasshape would like to congratulate StairCrafters Inc. for completing yet another stunning Free Standing Circular Staircase project.

Railing Supplier: StairCrafters Inc.
Glass Supplier: Glasshape N.A. LP

Tempered Curved Glass

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