Premium Bent & Flat Tempered (Toughened) Glass


Glasshape offer a comprehensive portfolio of fully certified internal and external specialist architectural toughened glass. For commercial or residential settings, and compatibility with security, thermal and decorative glazing, TemperShield is a versatile premium glass product, backed by a company with more than 30 years international experience. See the menu to the right (mobile users scroll down) for more applications.

Hundreds of configurations are possible and can be curved to your specification. We are proud to offer a toughened (tempered) AND laminated solution that can also be curved to your specifications.

Our on-site digital measure service utilises the latest scanning hardware to produce electronic templates with unmatched accuracy, doing away with the need for the cumbersome and time consuming measure, production, transportation and storage of physical templates; ideal for curved toughened glass projects.

TemperShield Toughened Glass Features & Benefits

  • Standard Dimensions up to 3900mm x 2440mm + oversize capabilities
  • 2D, 3D and complex curves, including conical, spherical, J-curves & tangents
  • Thicknesses from 4mm-19mm
  • Laminate & Print compatible
  • Large range of glass types available off-the-shelf, or bespoke to your specifications

Curved & Bent Glass Options

Glasshape has the capabilities to bend its Glass in many different ways, shapes and sizes; providing a limitless array of options for custom curves. To find out more of what is possible, visit our Curved & Bent Glass Options page, where you will also learn how to measure curved Glass.

BP Head Office - Spiral Staircase

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TemperShield DataSheet Cover Page

Whether it is enhancing a sweeping shop front display, creating a distinctive entrance with revolving doors, contrasting straight lines with smooth curves, TemperShield is a versatile solution.

TemperShield can be used as a structural component in modern design – in some instances the use of curved toughened glass can mean thinner, lighter stock is used whilst still meeting the required wind loading parameters. Its use will also increase natural light and the feeling of space. From a functional perspective, when combined with VisionInk it can be used to control SHG and VLT properties. TemperShield can be used in non-structural contexts too, such as curved rooflites above atrium spaces, entrance ways and individual rooms.

Commerical Gallery-037

Commercial interior designs continually evolve as offices, shops, malls, restaurants and cafés respond to demands from their customers, tenants and staff. Maximising natural light creates work and entertainment spaces that people enjoy being in. Advances in glass technology have enabled us to provide design solutions such as VisionInk to vastly extend the applications of this remarkable substrate.

TemperShield can be used for internal partitioning, stair and atrium balustrades, skylights, frameless doors and glass floors; to name just a few of its applications.

Products or items displayed in stylish, understated, curved glass presentation cabinets are immediately elevated in stature in the minds of the customer. From historic antiques to decadent cakes, TemperShield curved glass will showcase display items with unrivalled prestige.

When combined with BanditShield, retailers, home owners, galleries and museums are able to display products with a high degree of protection against ‘smash and grabs’, burglary, unintentional damage, and in the case of food – hygiene. Equally, the surface is very easy to maintain and highly resistant to scratching and marking.

Commerical Gallery-010

The range of shapes and curves is endless enabling both new and renovated homes to benefit from the feeling of added light and space that curved glass delivers. Curved glass balustrades are a safe and easily maintained surface that deliver unobstructed views and protection from the wind. Used around spiral staircases or interior atriums, they will effortlessly increase the sense of space and light.

Structural balustrades require the glass to take handrail loads. They must use toughened safety glass and the loading on the glass is determined by NZS4203 or AS/NZS 1170.

We can provide a laminated AND toughened (tempered) product that can also be curved. This can eliminate the need for hand rails, and is certified compliant with local council and building regulations. Even if both layers of glass are broken, the structural laminate will not fold over or tear whilst subject to an average person’s weight pushing against it.

Residential Gallery-034

A curved staircase could be the architectural focal point in a private residence. Using curved glass balustrades allows you to create a modern architectural masterpiece that will enhance the feeling of space and light in your design. Glasshape are proud to have produced the tightest curve on a 12mm pane with a radius of just 700mm – an industry benchmark. Using a common radius across multiple panes means one set-up cost can be amortised, significantly reducing costs.

Residential Gallery-048

Floor to ceiling curved glass bay windows accentuate the façade of contemporary dwellings. Long, sweeping curves allow for distinctive designs and panoramic views, with the generous expanse of glass enhancing the feeling of openness and freedom while also letting in plenty of light. Available also as a laminated solution to provide additional protection from noise and even debris impact during a storm.

Residential Gallery-043

Floors & Stair Treads

Glass floor panels and stair treads can be used as structural elements, strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. Where necessary, non-slip ceramic ink can be digitally printed to any design before toughening. The use of a sacrificial top toughened glass layer on glass floors will protect the more expensive multi-ply laminate below. This will enable easy and economic replacement should it become damaged over time from constant foot traffic.

glass flooring

Lift Shafts

Glasshape manufactures laminated safety glass specifically for lift shafts and lift cars in compliance to NZS4332 1997. This can result in a stunning show-piece with incredible aesthetic appeal instead of a traditional steel box. The lift car and lift shaft can be transformed into the focal point of a property instead of just a method of moving from floor to floor.

lift shaft

Maximise the natural light coming into a room through curved, toughened, laminated rooflites, or provide protection from the elements for footpaths and entrance ways surrounding commercial properties.

With Glasshape’s VisionInk offer these can be digitally printed with ceramic inks, to offer unrivalled resistance from scratch and UV deterioration and allow the rooflites to be designed to mask dirt and debris.


Curved toughened frameless pool fences made from ultra-clear safety glass, provide all the requisite safety of a pool fence in an unobtrusive, stylish solution. TemperShield elevates this even further with its inherent structural properties requiring no framework and only spigots (a.k.a. stub mounts or mini posts) to lock into the ground. Frameless curved glass gates are manufactured in the same way providing a complete solution.

Pool Glass

Glass forming a part of the pool itself below the waterline can add ‘wow factor’ to the pool design whether it be a simple viewing window or a structural cantilevered design; Glasshape has the solutions that can make these plans realities.

structural pool glass