Tiffany’s – Melbourne Australia

Tiffany’s has long been a name synonymous with glamour and luxury. As such, no expense was spared for the refurbishment fit-out of Tiffany’s in Melbourne, which drew on the extensive experience and skill of Glasshapes in-house technicians.

The glass spiral staircase is one of the most magnificent designs that Glasshape® has worked on – it extends 4m (13ft) over the two levels of the store, which gives it a real sense of grandeur. The balustrading was manufactured from high-quality, 16mm (5/8″) low-iron bent toughened glass, and was only made possible by our technicians and precision CAD drawings.

Glasshape® worked closely with the architect to provide a solution to a very complex design brief. The architect wanted to achieve space, light and openness – the staircase needed to look as though it was floating. “Glasshape® came on board very early on – we were the only company to say, ‘Yes, we can do this’.”

Glasshape® worked to tolerances of just 2mm, and ensured the balustrading was a perfect fit. The company was also able to meet a tight timeframe for completion.

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