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Our signature architectural Bent & Tempered Glass, TemperShield® has featured in many iconic and spectacular staircase and railing projects throughout the U.S, a selection of which can viewed in the linked Case Studies below.

Architectural Railing Project

Our Bent & Tempered Glass can also be Laminated and can be combined with our VisionInk® a product that allows us to apply photo realistic and graphic images to tempered glass, resulting in an extremely durable and visually pleasing product. Our Services extend to providing Digital Field Measures throughout the U.S. of your bespoke as-built structures, to help ensure a perfect fit is achieved and removes any of the risk to you that comes with measuring the job yourself. Understanding that there is risk in any installation, we also have a service that may interest you, NsureGlaze® which removes the risk from damage during glazing.

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View our Projects

Our broad range of capabilities allows us to supply bent tempered, bent tempered laminated glass for your projects across the United States. We have highlighted some of our most recent projects for you below, please take the time to discover the true capabilities of working with glass.

Dow Planetarium - Canada

Rolls Royce - Houston

Rugters University - East Coast

CSU - Colorado

SCCC - New York

Intercontinental Hotel - LA

FNU - Miami

Private Home - Houston

Alford Homes - Dallas

Bent Glass Solutions

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We would like to encourage you to explore our website further, to learn more about our Products and Services that we have to offer and would welcome the opportunity to discuss any upcoming projects you may have. Click on the individual links on this page to investigate our products and services further or simply call one of our sales staff to discuss your project.

On-site Digital Measure

3D Laser Scanning & Digitising: We can use your measurements, or come to site and generate them from existing structures whether architectural or marine, glass balustrades, windows, doors or even unrelated to glass components.

Project Case Studies

Our broad range of capabilities allows us to supply bent glass, security glass and many other types of specialty glass solutions for a large variety of projects around the world.

Technical Info & Download

  • Working with tempered glass & bent glass
  • Glass Types
  • Colour Variations in Glass
  • Optical Abberations

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