Alford Homes Staircase

Alford homes are a prestigious home builder based in Dallas Texas. Many of their home designs have a flair of light, openness and inspiration of freedom.

Their recently completed showcased home incorporated a beautiful grand staircase climbing up 2.5 levels to an overlook balcony. The marble clad stair was graced with gold plated stanchions to secure low-iron Bent Tempered Glass – by Glasshape®.

Each glass piece was custom created, including exact hole locations to allow the custom gold-plated scrolls to be fixed to the glass rails – an effect that allows the scrolls to seemingly float!

Glasshape® worked with Glasshouse Products to create this special railing for Alford Homes. Our responsibility included the onsite digitizing of the as-built staircase, model rendering and speedy supply of glass to allow the scroll forger to create his art.

Product used in this project.

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“Alford Homes has been building upper end luxury homes for the past 39 years in the Dallas area and the team of Glasshape® and Suite Affair West Designs were a blessing to work with on the design of this curved glass stair case.  Their experience and expertise were exactly what we needed to make this job complete!  Glasshape® measured once, delivered once and all fit perfectly!  The quality of their product was amazing and on time!”

Greg Alford (President Alford Homes, L.P.)

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