Australian Embassy in Jakarta – Blast Resistant Glass

Blast resistant glass, with ballistic and attack resistant properties & exceptional clarity

In situations where security is a primary consideration, the tension between maximising space and light without compromising security is amplified. Our experience in this field has meant we can respond to clients’ designs and dreams with workable solutions – in many cases having to innovate and invent to meet the brief.

The Australian Embassy in Jakarta is a prime example. The tropical humid climate brought specific challenges when designing a building that requires high levels of security. Allowances had to be made to ensure operational functionality whilst addressing the client’s desire for national expression. And this had to be achieved without compromising an extremely challenging security and thermal resistance requirement.

We were able to design, test and manufacture an innovative certified solution that spanned the large windows in the design, and met the clients’ demands in terms of blast, intruder and ballistic attack resistance. At more than 60mm and weighing up to 1000kg per window, no other supplier in the global tender was able to deliver. In the words of the architects Denton Corker Marshall, the design is bold, elegant, innovative, practical and dignified. We’re naturally proud that our glass has played such a pivotal role in this project.

Product used in this project.

Blast Shield Blast Resistant Glass by Glasshape

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Australian Embassy Jakarta – Security Glass from Glasshape

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