Continental Cars – Ferrari Showroom

The Ferrari brand and the incredible automobiles that wear its marque are the epitome of performance, luxury and design… qualities that are inherent in Continental Cars Ferrari state of the art showroom in the heart of Auckland.

The responsibility of delivering an experience befitting the brand lay with Architects – Figgis + Jefferson Tepa, in collaboration with the Fortebis Group (Ferrari’s Corporate Identity official Architecture & Design group).

Visitors are rewarded on entering the building with 100% Ferrari style, which has been achieved by Figgis + Jefferson Tepa knitting together the extremely precise and complex Ferrari Corporate Identity.

In the words of the Architects, “Ferrari is now represented prominently in the heart of Auckland’s automotive business district with an instantly recognisable façade. The entire customer journey is about confidence-building, assisted by world-class facility design, and highlighted through exquisite materials and style”.

Glasshapes signature TemperShield® Bent and Flat Laminated Low-Iron glass was chosen to enclose the impressive, yet beautifully simplistic entrance to this world class facility, providing an unobstructed view to the automotive works of art displayed within.

Product used in this project.

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