SW Adventist University – Unique Printed & Bent Glass Circular Staircase

The Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) is a private Christian university located southwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The Larry R. Moore Nursing and Administration building which was designed by The BECK Group and constructed by Steele & Freeman, houses state-of-the-art training facilities. Access to the building, is via a main lobby which is graced with a circular staircase, which hugs the rooms circumference adding visual impact to an already impressive stone clad and fully glazed entrance.

Glasshapes’ involvement in this visually stunning project included the digital site measure, design, manufacture and supply of ceramic printed, bent and toughened safety glass to VIVA Railings, who were contracted to manufacture and install the circular staircase, utilizing their very own SHOE™ Structural Curved Glass Railing System.

Glasshapes’ ability to digitally print Ceramic Inks onto glass utilizing its VisionInk product and then be able to both Bend and Toughen the glass is somewhat unique and ideally suited to projects of this nature. The benefits of printing with VisionInk Ceramic Inks is its durability, as the Ink is fused into the glass during the Toughening process.

Product used in this project.

TemperShield Toughened Curved Glass by Glasshape

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“Glasshape was a great partner to work with on this project. Their product and service is outstanding!”

Travis Rosenbury (VIVA Railings LLC)

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