The White House – All Class & Almost All Glass

This beautifully designed and crafted circular staircase, is the crowning jewel of this spectacular, privately owned, water front property, located in Miami, USA.

With the exception of the staircase stringers and handrail, the materials used in its construction are predominantly made up of glass, including the multi-laminated stair treads, which clearly demonstrates the strength, durability and versatility that glass has to offer, not to mention the added benefit of allowing light to fill the entrance to this elegantly designed house, which would otherwise be obscured.

The completed Staircase stands testament to the combined efforts of many, with the team at Bella Stairs, LLC, working along side Interior Designer – Nathalie Ohayon from Renovaid Interiors who designed the Staircase layout, thus ensuring the design vision was delivered. Glasshape contributed further by providing digital field measuring services, 3D laser scanning the staircase whilst it was under construction. This data was processed by Glasshape’s in-house design team, 3D modelling the as-built structure and designing our signature TemperShield 14.28mm (9/16″) low iron, laminated bent glass to ensure a perfect fit.

Product used in this project.

TemperShield Toughened Curved Glass by Glasshape

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The White House project required a glass fabricator to produce panels of various sizes, including a tight interior radius which made sourcing the glass quite difficult. Glasshape brought their A-game to this project and provided their digital template service to get accurate measurements. Upon installation of the glass panels, the Glasshape team were readily available to help when there was a glass breakage, and sourced the replacement piece in record time. Panels are of the highest quality, with little to no distortion!”

“We will gladly refer, recommend, and use Glasshape for any and all future curved glass projects.

Juan Esteban Arcos (Manager / Founder of Bella Stairs, LLC)

The White House project is a perfect example of the shared passion that Bella Stairs and Glasshape have for providing the very best in products and services to its discerning clientele. We look forward to working with Bella Stairs again, on their next bent glass project.

Watch “The White House – The Almost All Glass Circular Staircase” Animation

The following Animation was produced by Glasshapes In-House Design Team, using a 3D Model which was produced from a combination of Laser Scan Data taken at the time of the Field Measure and Photography of the finished installation, kindly supplied by the Client.

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