Colorado State University – Health & Medical Center

The Colorado State University (CSU) Health and Medical Center in Fort Collins, Colorado, recently opened its state of the art $59 Million, 113,000 Square Foot, 4-level facility to the Northern Colorado community.

Designed by Bennett Wagner Grody Architects; having paid special attention to keep the building’s atmosphere ‘light and spacious’ created an open and colorful center that doctors, counsellors and other staff members have described as “a dream come true!”

The main feature of the new Health Center is the custom four-level staircase spiraling upward towards a large rooflite, which streams vast amounts of light into the heart of the building. Glasshapes Bent Tempered Glass, installed into Trex Commercial Products ‘Vista’ railing design allows a great feel of openness, while at the same time offering a safe and secure environment around the stairwell.

Product used in this project.

TemperShield Toughened Curved Glass by Glasshape

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Glasshape® was contracted to Trex Commercial Products to scan the staircase structure during construction phase and create an as-built 3D CAD model. The cad model was then further developed by adding in their ‘Vista’ railing design to obtain final Bent Glass Sizes and Radii. In total, over 250 pieces of glass were custom fabricated by Glasshape®, including the Bent Glass smoke baffles and delivered to site ready for installation.

We contracted Glasshape® to laser scan this project, and subsequently provide the glass.  Glasshape® scanned the project and provided us with a cleaned up 3D Model for us to design our post mounted guardrail system into.  The project ended up being extremely successful for all parties involved.

Carl Ogren – Trex Commercial Products

Glasshape® would like to congratulate Trex Commercial Products on completing yet another spectacular multi-level circular staircase.

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