BP Head Office

BP Head Office – Curved Glass Staircase

BP’s new head office in Auckland is spread across two floors of an existing building. The challenge faced by Unispace, the designers, was to create a connected space that encourages cross-functional interaction and exudes energy and light. They envisioned a place that harnesses raw organic energy and radiates it from a central source. The steel, timber and glass circular staircase became the core element of the design, enabling interactions and linking the business units.

Glasshape® collaborated with Unispace and Woods Glass to bring this unique and challenging concept to life within an extremely short timeframe and under tremendous pressure for precision and coordination. The glass panels, containing over 400 holes, needed to be positioned accurately, and we take great pride in what we achieved through our advanced glass processing technology and highly accurate digital measuring technology with our TemperShield® premium bent toughened (tempered) glass.

A precise 3D digital model and shop drawings were created for the curved staircase design, enabling close collaboration among suppliers to ensure seamless assembly on-site. Glasshape’s ability to manufacture accurate bent glass ensured the project’s completion within the tight time frame of 40 days, covering CAD modeling, manufacturing, and installation.

Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

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Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

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