Security Glass

Maximise space and light without compromise to safety and security

What is Security Glass?

Security glass is specifically designed to provide additional safety for personnel and protect critical areas in buildings, safe houses, detention centres, prisons and marine vessels.  Even when broken, the tough inner-core of poly-composite will lock the exterior glass layers to enable greater attack resistance. Ideal for doors and windows that maintain the appearance of normal glass. It is specially designed and constructed to remain resistant under attack.  This attribute causes attack weapons to simply bounce off the security window, making penetration all but impossible.

Our large range of security glass products can provide a solution to cover all threat levels from break-in and theft to bullet resistant and blast resistant glass solutions.

Glasshape® can develop a custom glass solution to meet your particular requirements whether it is intruder, bullet, blast resistance, or a combination of these; or even low level smash’n’grabs that you want to protect against.

Flagship security projects featuring Bullet Resistant, Intruder Resistant and Blast Resistant Glass

  • Australian Embassy, Jakarta, Indonesia – 3100m² of Bullet, Blast & Intruder Resistant Glass
  • High Security Prison, Wiri, New Zealand – 1000m² of Intruder Resistant Glass
  • Medium Security Prison, Mt Eden, New Zealand – 600m² of Intruder Resistant Glass
  • Special Intelligence Building, Wellington, New Zealand – 700m² of Intruder Resistant Glass
  • USA Embassy, Fiji – Bullet Resistant Glass
  • Japanese Embassy, Samoa – Bullet Resistant Glass
  • German Embassy, Wellington, New Zealand – Bullet Resistant Glass
  • Australian High Commission, Tonga – Intruder Resistant Glass

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 A customized approach to meet our Clients needs

At Glasshape® we take a customized approach. We work with clients to confirm their needs and establish the appropriate glass solutions.  Selecting and specifying the correct Security Glass product to suit your requirements is important to ensure that the performance expectations of the glass are met. Our experienced team can help you make the right decision with our fully certified range.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about Security Glass and how you can use it in your project.