Utah Mega Mansion

Mind-Blowing Mega Mansion – A Bent Glass Oasis

We are very excited and proud to bring you a mind-blowing mega mansion project that we completed in partnership with New Concepts Glass Design in Utah, USA. The project focused solely on the leisure and recreation wing of the house, which contains an indoor swimming pool and spa, golf putting greens, an abseiling wall, gymnasium, a racquetball court, and half basketball court.

Glasshape provided digital field measuring services, 3D laser scanning the house whilst it was under construction. This data was processed by Glasshape’s in-house design team, 3D modelling the as-built structures and designing our signature TemperShield® 14.28mm (9/16″) low iron, bent, toughened (tempered) & laminated glass to fit perfectly with the structure of the house.

The project encompassed the manufacture and supply of no less than 3 unique bent glass curved staircases, over 45 linear meters (approx. 148 linear feet) of bent glass overlook railing and an impressive floor to ceiling bent glass wall in the gymnasium, providing an elevated and unobstructed view over the indoor swimming pool.

This spectacular privately owned house is located in an exclusive gated community, in arguably one of the best ski resort areas in the United States. Nestled among lush groves of aspen trees, rolling meadows, and sparkling streams with impressive mountain backdrops, this house is truly one of a kind.

Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

Architectural Glass Solutions Brochure

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Photography: Meta Designs

Watch the “Mind-Blowing Mega Mansion” Animation

The following Animation was produced by Glasshape’s In-House Design Team, using a 3D Model which was produced from a combination of Laser Scan Data taken at the time of the Field Measure, Architectural Plans and Photography of the finished installation.

Play Video about Mind-Blowing Mega Mansion

Animation: Glasshape

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