Curved, Bent, Laminated, Printed, Security specialty glass from Glasshape

Glasshape has, for 30 years, worked tirelessly with glass to push its boundaries and extend the uses of this remarkable material in the architectural, marine, security and transportation industries.

With customers throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific, the US and Europe who are thrilled with what can be achieved architecturally, artistically and functionally without compromising space, light, safety or security, we’re confident we have a specialty glass solution for you.

Our signature curves extend the possibilities for glass into new realms and we invite you to be inspired by our flagship projects featured throughout this site, especially in the Gallery section.

Learn more about our story, our products and our team on these pages, and let us help you discover the true capabilities of glass.

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Glasshape is proud to offer curved solutions compliant with the amended requirements for glass barriers that took effect on June 1, 2016

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) advised earlier this year that on 1 June 2016 the barrier requirements in NZS 4223.3.2016 will supersede those in B1/AS1. The new requirement seeks to ensure that in case of glass failure, some form of barrier remains in place until the affected area can be isolated and repaired. The three options and their requirements are explained and illustrated in our June Newsletter.

Glasshape recently launched VisionInk which ushers in a new era of possibilities in designing with glass. Ultra-durable ceramic inks that are digitally printed and toughened into the surface significantly extend the possibilities for this remarkable substrate.

November 2015 represents the culmination of a 2 year, $3M investment programme that comprehensively extends our processing capabilities.

We were honoured to have our Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. John Key officially open the new facilities in Auckland, New Zealand